The competence of people is paramount to the achievement of operational excellence. Right from the start DSLNG has sought to attract and develop the very best people to achieve its operational goals.

Banggai Regency covers an area of 3,160 sq km and has a total population of around 323,000 people of dominantly Banggai, Balantak, and Saluan origin. The majority of the households in the area surrounding the project are engaged in crop cultivation and other farming activities, while the rest are involved in fishing.

The agricultural sector remains a major contributor to the growth of Banggai's gross regional domestic, followed by the services sector and industry (BPS Banggai, 2012). Banggai district population structure shows the number of productive age population to 35 percent. This huge number significant to be a bonus if the population can be empowered.

“DSLNG is working to improve the quality of life of the surrounding communities”


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